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For future memory...

For future memory...
Posted by iuuri (VIP) Nov 10 2014 9:47AM

I guess no one can really look him or herself in the mirror, that's a big truth about life... Been reading some old posts here in the forum, and realized that some questions are eternal... Politeness, impoliteness, sport, non-sport, challenges, 222's vs 221's, kindness, etc.. I even began laughing about some hypocrite moral statements! I learned some big lessons here, when trying to help some people's games, when playing players below me, when facing last days of ladder and seeing players whom i gave games hiding behind counts and strategies... Then i started to make counts and strategies myself, i tried almost all, besides not saying hi, gl and gg in the end, either i win or lose. I guess i'm constantly failing and choosing to be vulnerable. Some players are much smarter, they choose invulnerability. Others choose cynicism, and those are not only smarter, but also stronger... I'm constantly receiving invitations from players below me in the ladder. Sometimes i accept them when i feel like playing different players, but mostly i keep to my ticket table. I've been called things that i won’t mention here, because i guess they're not appropriate... And, by a glimpse of magic, just understood some unloved players that don't talk to anyone and just keep to their game. I'm constantly receiving invitations in main. Guess i already played most of you. But i can't accept all the invitations, otherwise i would need to be here 24 hours a day. If any of you wants to play with me, just say something like "hi, care for a game?" (guess it's not too much to ask). To the very few of you that seen all this i've seen and keep walking in a straight line, my deepest admiration! I'm not sure about having that strength myself. Nevertheless, with some ups and downs, i guess no one can escape from his essence. As for the purpose of the post, maybe one day in the future someone can read it and laugh a bit about human comedy, as much as i laughed reading some of the old posts. :)

Posted by GoBigOne (VIP) Nov 10 2014 5:55PM

Hi Luuri, Very nicely said. Your words are fitting for lyrics in a song. The song title would be. Come have some fun at my table. Honestly people, things like saying hi gl or gg really are encouraging and also infectious, like a smile makes other people smile. (͡• ͜ʖ ͡•)

For Now
Posted by BlueSun (VIP) Nov 12 2014 6:29PM

Well Luuri, interesting post you have there. And, GoBigOne, I gave up saying "hi gl" because a certain player very nastily said, "Ya don't mean it anyway." So, now I just say, "Hi," and leave it at that. What I've found, more times than not, is it really doesn't matter what you say, so I've decided to say nothing on a table other than "Hi." Many players on here are great; many players are sorry and don't mind saying stupid nasty things for no reason. I just love to play canasta, win or lose. I play my best every game. Sometimes I get good hands; sometimes I don't. I take what comes, as it comes. But, it would be greatly appreciated if some players STOP making rude comments. Instead, just play the game. That's my two cents. Thanks, BlueSun

Posted by GoBigOne (VIP) Nov 13 2014 11:46PM

Hi BlueSun, thanks for adding to the conversation. I was not necessarily directing my concerns towards you by no means at all. It is just the players that dont say hi even.

Posted by iuuri (VIP) Nov 22 2014 1:10AM

Blue: Ty for the compliment! :) Gobigone: I know Zeus’s language as much as Hades’s language, though i prefer the Olimpus to the Underworld. If when you say sorry you really mean it, then I guess you’re doing your best being a mortal! If not, well, game colony gives you tix, you just have to lend them to Charon. ;)

For future memory
Posted by Bena2 (VIP) Dec 1 2014 3:51AM

I'd pay an obolus or two for Charon to do his work, and carry a few off

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