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Posted by BlueSun Nov 28 2014 6:06PM

If you issue a challenge, at least be courteous enough to respond to the player who you challenged when he/she responds to you and attempts to set up the challenge game. I'm happy to play ANY PLAYER ANY TIME WHATEVER MY RANKING because I have confidence in my skill as a player. So, if you challenge me, how about responding? And, actually playing the challenge game instead of hide and seek. Thanks

Posted by GoBigOne (VIP) Nov 28 2014 9:54PM

Hi Stormy, I agree with you. It is not that hard to respond at least. Some players are not aware that they can be reported for not responding to challenges.

Responding to challenges
Posted by stageinharmony (VIP) Nov 29 2014 11:09AM

I couldn't agree more. Isn't it really frustrating when you offer times, wait for the challenger, offer more, wait again and the challenger has not replied in the notes? (Last time you challenged made a welcome change).

Posted by iuuri (VIP) Nov 29 2014 12:45PM

Another nice peace of human comedy! You guys are all wonderfull! :) Challenges made to drop, challenges made to get high, challenges made just to challenge. What a challenge! lol Maybe if the number of challenges one can do in a month was reduced to a certain number, let's say 2 for exemple, the challenges could be more rational... Just my opinion.

Posted by BlueSun Nov 29 2014 1:58PM

I ALWAYS HONOR any challenges whether issued to me or towards me. (This time I challenged you, NO CHANGE. SAME OLD SAME OLD.)

Posted by BlueSun Nov 29 2014 3:56PM

Challenges are great to help competition among the top players. My experience has always been that other players who are on top of the ladder RARELY try to honor challenges from players right below them on the ladder. The whole idea of being able to challenge is to create competition among the best players; however, once most players get first or second, it's VERY DiFFICulT to get a game with them unless it's in a tourney. And, for someone like me who is not playing tixs right now (so not playing tourneys), it's very difficult to get the player(s) above me to play me UNLESS I challenge one of them. I don't mind challenges to me. What I CAN'T STAND is all the hogwash that goes with players who challenge and then just run in and out trying to make it look like it's the challenged player's fault so that he/she will get rank reduction. If you challenge, JUST PLAY THE Challenge game. And, Let's just have fun !!!!

Posted by duddle (VIP) Nov 29 2014 5:32PM

Hey stormy i forgot i had posted the challenge and my challenge pop up is not working properly . Sorry again i have not check been busy with mum as her sister is moved to Hospice so am been there alot I removed challenge

Ladder and all that nonsense.
Posted by stageinharmony (VIP) Nov 29 2014 6:41PM

Ladder is irrelevant to me. I almost never play in the main room because I got disenchanted with all the nonsense that goes along with it. I never challenge, but have tried to play those who challenged me.

Posted by iuuri (VIP) Nov 30 2014 6:33AM

My deepest admiration!

Posted by BlueSun (VIP) Nov 30 2014 8:38AM

Ladder may be irrelevant to some players; however, in the spirit of competition it is NOT irrelevant to others. And, whether it is relevant to you as a player or not, in sportsmanship, you should honor your challenges which if you read challenge notes you see that many players, esp. in no. one or two position, WILL NOT. So, even if it's irrelevant to you as a player, please remember others enjoy the spirit of competition whether you do or not as a player, so PLAY YOUR ChALLENGES. I don't get many challenges for the simple reason that in the Main Hall when someone requests a game (and I see it), I have NO PROBLEM playing any player. I enjoy competition and have confidence in my skill as a canasta player..... Anyway, just respect other players, and players play your darn challenges esp. if you issue them.

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