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Posted by Rottie (TD) Jan 1 2015 12:13PM

WG BLUESUN ON BEING NUMBER 1 Jan 1, 11:59am #10 duddle received 2 $Tickets Jan 1, 11:59am #9 jectbraga received 2.5 $Tickets Jan 1, 11:59am #8 arynna received 3 $Tickets Jan 1, 11:59am #7 StarForce49 received 4 $Tickets Jan 1, 11:59am #6 Lecoqsportif received 5 $Tickets Jan 1, 11:59am #5 Bigwoofer received 6 $Tickets Jan 1, 11:59am #4 WORDSofWISDOM received 7 $Tickets Jan 1, 11:59am #3 ShootOut19 received 8 $Tickets Jan 1, 11:59am #2 pk0007 received 10 $Tickets Jan 1, 11:59am #1 BlueSun received 20 $Tickets THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING AND PLAYING. THE KAT AND THE ROTTIE MEOW AND WOOF

Posted by Lider78 (VIP) Jan 1 2015 4:39PM

Congratulations Blue Sun! I made a 1 dollar bet with my boyfriend that you would be first. Started the year winning one buck! Very nice job! :)

Posted by iuuri (VIP) Jan 1 2015 7:27PM

WTG Bluesun!

Posted by AmbushLady Jan 1 2015 8:18PM

Lecoqsportif, Congratulations on your $1 win. And, thanks for your confidence in me. That is a nice way to start New Years. To all players this past month, it was an exciting month of play with A LOT of tough competition. I look forward to playing you all this month and good luck to all. And, to you TDs, BLESS YOU, for all the great tourneys. HAPPY NEW YEARS to everyone. BlueSun

Posted by GoBigOne (VIP) Jan 1 2015 8:25PM

Thank you TD for posting the information.

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