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Attention Lady Awe...

Attention Lady Awe...
Posted by GoBigOne (VIP) Jul 5 2015 12:22AM

Hi Lady Awe, You shouldnt have left the game early because i only had one wild and I could not even meld enough to earn the 300pts for the red 3`s. I know you said you only got one wild and i got 8 wilds in the first hand but the second hand could have been a winner for you. This is why i dont like to play 2500pts. It takes more skill to win a game with higher points, plus its more fun to play. Oh well, you set the table so i thought i would give it a shot and it wasnt a fact that you were just unlucky to only get one wild first hand to my 8 wilds and i say it wasnt unlucky because the game still could have been won by you if you had have played it out. That would have given you a chance to play with skill. Oh well, i look forward to playing you again soon. Maybe with more points?

Posted by LADY_AWE (VIP) Jul 5 2015 1:12PM

At the time I chose not to complete a losing game, I had 315 points or so and you had 2,135+. You were showing 3 red 3s off the deal. You needed only to skate through to take the match ... no pile war involved. No need to labor the issue any further. I do not agree with your point of "it takes more skill to win a game with higher points" and I know I don't agree with "plus its more fun to play". For the record, I play all my GC games for maximum ladder advantage. I never set tables for less than an amount that will give me a ladder point when tickets are involved. I also do not think long and laborious games are fun. I have a personality that likes things hard and fast. I believe that once you've mastered the basics, you don't need a long match to demonstrate it. Finesse is learned when I play opponents that stretch me. Just sayin.

Thanks for the reply...
Posted by GoBigOne (VIP) Jul 5 2015 6:38PM

I was actually only 1900 at that time but its not the main point i guess. I was actually worried when we got a few cards into the second hand and I still only had one wild and I tried to meld enough to earn the 300pts from the red 3`s I was dealt. You saw me try to meld out enough only to pick up all of my melded cards again without melding. I have seen it happen many times before where i lose from this position. I admit that I have left games too early however it was because it was due to lack of self control, only to kick myself later on when i consider that I actually should have played it out. Thanks again for taking the time to reply.

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