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Chrome blocks all Java-based applications

Chrome blocks all Java-based applications
Posted by webmaster (moderator) Sep 4 2015 1:22PM

Please note that if you want to play our Canasta, which is Java based, you would not be able to use Google Chrome browser. You would have to use Firefox or Internet Explorer

Posted by JiggyBolls (VIP) Sep 15 2015 10:48AM

a step backwards in time - congrats GC!

Browsers Supporting Java
Posted by webmaster (moderator) Sep 22 2015 2:23PM

We can't take credit for 'a step backwards' that Google Chrome has decided to take in Terms of Java support. We can, however, provide a list of web browsers that still offer Java support. To use Java games, please use one of the following browsers: Internet Explorer, FireFox or Safari. To quickly diagnose if Java is working correctly, check if you see your Java version is listed <a href="/javaversion.html">HERE</a>. If Java version does not appear (if you only see horizontal lines), your Java is not working correctly. Please install Java from <a target=_blank href=></a> If no Java version is visible at the above URL, please install the latest Java from After Java is installed, upon 1st entry to Java game rooms, you'd be asked to install GameColony Java 8 add-on. Please ignore any warnings during add-on installation and restart your browser after the installation. <a href=>GameColony Java add-on for Windows</a> <A href=>GameColony Java add-on for Mac</a>

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