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Open up a game

Open up a game
Posted by 45tc Oct 24 2017 6:35PM

I no longer can get canasta to open, ive been playing for years and all of a sudden it keeps telling me the i need to open in java browser.

Opening Canasta
Posted by webmaster (moderator) Oct 24 2017 7:55PM

Your Java environment may have been auto-updated. You will then need to re-install GameColony Java add-on - see below. First you need to make sure to use the right web browser for Canasta: please do NOT use Google Chrome browser or Windows 10 Edge browser - these browsers cannot display Java games at this time. To use Java games on Windows, please use ONLY Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is still present in all Windows versions, even Windows 10. To open Internet Explorer on Windows 10, first use their default web browser 'Edge' and after going to, select Edge's menu (three dots) followed by "Open with Internet Explorer". Now, if you already have Java (from you must install Java add-on: <a href=>GameColony Java add-on for Windows</a> <A href=>GameColony Java add-on for Mac</a>

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