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Ladder games

Ladder games
Posted by MagicGames (VIP) Nov 3 2017 5:38PM

I enjoy playing ladder games with settings of 2-2-2 or 2-2-1 variations. Some players invite to play games without ladder and for some reason when you join the game it says "already played within 24 hours". Since I haven't played them before I can only suspect that they are not registered or something since they have played many games and some even thousands. I will play players with ladder and variations of the settings mentioned. Ladder games are a record of your games and I prefer to know who I have played and how I have done. So if I don't accept your invitation it is because of these two prerequisites. Join ladder and I will join you. Thanks

Ladder games
Posted by tonykez69 (VIP) Dec 15 2017 3:17AM

happened to me several times lately.....that ladder games not says u played your opponent within 24 hrs...........which i did not.... please tell me why?

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