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Canasta table not working!

Canasta table not working!
Posted by Bena2 (VIP) Jul 10 2018 7:03PM

Anybody else finding an error on the main hall and can get in?

Posted by webmaster (moderator) Jul 19 2018 1:10PM

After each Java update, you need to re-install GameColony Java add-on. You can use a link below & upon installation restart the Internet Explorer <a href=>GC Java add-on for Windows</a> <a href=>GC Java add-on for Mac</a>

Posted by brisbaneboy Aug 13 2018 8:04PM

works for me now

Hey there
Posted by stageinharmony (VIP) Aug 14 2018 6:42AM

Hi bb, long time! Hope to meet you for a game!

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