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Backgammon GC app for Android phones/tablets

Backgammon Live app for Android phones/tablets
Posted by webmaster May 9 2012 5:12PM

<img src=/images/redstar.jpg>For players with Android Phones or Tablets: <B>LIMITED TIME OFFER!</B> Earn $Tickets by installing our FREE <b><i>'Backgammon Live'</i></b> Android app, trying it out and leaving a comment about it on Google Play You can install 'Backgammon Live' from Google Play on your Android phone or tablet. It's a really nice and high quality app! You will earn 4 Free $Tickets for a good rating and a nice :) comment in Google Play here : <a target=_blank href=> Backgammon Live at Google Play</a> with a few nice words about 'Backgammon Live'. To leave the comment there, you will have to download the app first to your Android device. For extra $ticket credit, you can add a nice comment about 'Backgammon Live' at one or more of the following forums:,,, and at <a target=_blank href=>Backgammon Live video</a> After you have added Google Play comments, etc., please let us know via 'Contact Us' and send to us the added links and your user name at that external site and we'll add $Tickets to your GameColony account.

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