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Posted by Philo78 (VIP) Jun 2 2022 2:03PM

I never played for ratings, only for tix. I guess I can understand people that play for no tix. They’re playing for the love of the game, winning percentage, and I guess possibly rating. They will have to wait around waiting for someone with a similar rating because if they don’t and lose to someone with a vastly lower rating their rating will get crushed quickly. To me a 2500 rating and a cup of coffee will only get you a cup of coffee.

yo typerer goodish engrish
Posted by ImDerc (VIP) Jun 14 2022 11:33AM

Can you do me a favour Philo? Please read your post & then try to make your point clearer than the muddy puddle that was your OP. Is someone with a rating of 2500 waiting for a player with a similar rating any different to you setting a cash table & waiting for someone willing to gamble the amount you are willing to wager? You " guess" you can understand why people play for no tix?? I don't think so. I like playing for cash too, but haven't & will never stoop as low as playing solely for tix. Some of the most enjoyable games occur when I set a table & invite whoever wants to play, regardless of their record, ranking, rating or financial status. Maybe you should try that occasionally & you will hopefully remember why you started playing the game in the first place. My "guess" is you did so because you enjoyed the game & somewhere along the line greed got the better of you & that's why you now only play for tix.

Playing for Ratings
Posted by iPeg Jun 20 2022 12:23PM

I understand Philo regarding playing for ratings being of little value, and very tedious for the highest rated players. The rating system is based upon the ELO system, which works great for chess, but not as well for cribbage, because of the large random component (luck factor as some players call it). ELO is intended for strictly skill based competition. In order for players to reach high ratings on this site, they must consistently play opponents with very similar ratings. At the highest levels, players can spend much more time waiting for suitable opponents than time spent actually playing. It is more of an exercise in who you play vs how you play. Many of the top players are barely above 50 percent winning percentage and would likely get crushed by philo and other top ticket players over the long term. Playing for ratings is just fine and a worthy challenge for some players, but it would be a flawed assumption that the highest rated is the best cribbage player on the site.

Posted by ccws63 Jul 31 2022 3:57PM

Some of us can’t buy tickets. Illegal in the state

Playing for Tickets
Posted by CribsterCO (VIP) Aug 1 2022 5:14PM

Let people do what they want as long as cribbage expands.

Posted by gjamies1 (VIP) Aug 2 2022 10:10AM

Problem is, if players will not play them because they have higher ratings, they will leave the site. The end result, no site! The "cribbage" as you say will then not expand. It is already dying in the UK and is looked on as an old mans game, indeed, when I joined my last team I was considered the youth element at 67 lol

Posted by CribsterCO (VIP) Nov 21 2022 1:37PM

I don't think people avoid others due to ratings. I know I don't. I do take into account win loss record of my potential opponent and the number of tickets at the game. You are right about cribbage. It is frustrating that youth don't play live games as much.

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