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Sorting cards in deal

Sorting cards in deal
Posted by Finnigan1 Aug 18 2022 9:42PM

I am a new player on this site. Just wondering if there is a way to sort your cards all at once or is the only option to drag and drop each one (which is somewhat slow). Just looking to speed up my play. Thanks.

You can drag
Posted by 221bBakerSt (VIP) Aug 21 2022 1:33AM

If you are playing on a PC, you can drag and drop your cards wherever you want

No magic sequence button
Posted by KyllerB (VIP) Aug 22 2022 6:38PM

I play via the app, there is not a button that automatically sorts or sequences your cards. Manual drag and drop is the only option.

Sorting Cards
Posted by gjamies1 (VIP) Aug 23 2022 12:01PM

I never sort the cards in my hand, it is a giveaway to your opponent, they can very quickly establish whether high cards are on your left or right and can play accordingly.

Posted by penguin522 (VIP) Nov 6 2022 3:51PM

Would love to see this feature added to the game! (Automatically sort hand low-high upon deal to speed up discard decisions)

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