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Posted by iPeg Nov 4 2022 10:51PM

A 2/3 option has been a long time coming. Can the webmaster provide an update? That also goes for restoration of the manual count option. Thanks!

Posted by ImDerc (VIP) Nov 6 2022 3:35AM

For at least 2 yrs GC has been saying they are close to implementing a 2/3 option, but still it doesn't exist. WHY???? Are there any computer programmers onsite that could possibly help out implementing what I assume would be a pretty simple upgrade to GC's software?

Upcoming new software
Posted by webmaster (moderator) Nov 6 2022 10:41PM

GameColony is currently working on a much bigger 4-game multi-platform desktop project involving cribbage. The new games’ interface is still being worked on. 2/3 option will be a smallish part of the release that will be extended to mobile platforms. Just FYI, you can check out: <A href=></a> <A href=></a>

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