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Tickets > cash

Tickets > cash
Posted by perfectbunny (VIP) Nov 24 2022 4:03PM

Are you able to cash out tickets or are they just game currency?

Tickets are like Cash
Posted by Bones (TD) Nov 26 2022 12:55PM

Tickets are like Cash mate. They can be cashed out under the terms and conditions set out in the Help section of the website.

Posted by Napmaster (VIP) Feb 14 2023 12:44PM

Where is the help section of the web site

Posted by Bones (TD) Feb 14 2023 11:00PM

If you are playing on a PC the help section is on your left under the menu. If you are on a phone, click the hamburger (3 horizontal lines) and the menu pops up, with help there as well. Good luck mates!

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