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Posted by Pearle (moderator) Dec 2 2022 7:36PM

Sunday, December 4 at 1 PM EST Time we are holding a FREE to enter CRIBBAGE tournament and the winners will split 10 Tickets! This CRIBBAGE tournament is FREE to enter and play in -- it is open for all registered players - whether they have Tickets or not. In the tourney, a Tournament Director (TD) will help instruct new players on how to properly set the game table, and also will go over tourney rules and answer any questions new players might have. The winners of the tournament will split 10 Tickets. You will have a chance to experience the thrill of tourney play, and an opportunity to learn, play and possibly win some extra Tickets. Note: there is a limit of 40 players so if you want to join, please sign up early and be sure to be in the tourney room 10 minutes prior to start so we can go over what needs to be covered. YOU MUST BE PRESENT IN THE ROOM BY 10 MIN BEFORE 1PM OR YOU WILL BE OUTED FROM THE TOURNAMENT! All of the Tournament Directors hope to see some of you new players in these special tournaments. On iPhone & Android devices, our CRIBBAGE app lists upcoming tournaments via Menu->Tournaments. Once the tourney is listed, you can select it, see its list of participants and, (on iPhone) on the bottom, use 'Sign Up'. You can reserve your spot for the tournament earlier via the Desktop at You will find the 'More tournaments' button on the tournaments page directly above the tournaments that are soon to be played. Click the down arrow on that and you will see many more tournaments, pending and completed. We hope to see you there!

Time(s) of tournament ...
Posted by 2_thake Dec 4 2022 6:37AM

Hi What time is the tournament ?? In the email you sent it says 1pm Eastern Time then it says 5pm Eastern time and then it says you must be in the room 10 minutes before 6pm Eastern time Are there 3 tournaments or have you made a mistake in the e-mail ?

FREE crib tournament: SUNDAY, DECEMBER 4 @ 1 PM
Posted by webmaster (moderator) Dec 4 2022 7:10AM

Sorry for different times listed in email. FREE crib tournament: SUNDAY, DECEMBER 4 @ 1 PM

Posted by dendenden (VIP) Dec 4 2022 8:27AM

great move Pearle trying to bring more people into turnny land. Hope it works. I remember the days when a small turnout was 10 players Ave was 15 and good was 20 plus.

Sorry for any confusion
Posted by Pearle (moderator) Dec 4 2022 9:49AM

Sorry if there was confusion in the email. All free tourneys are held at 1 pm est. on Sunday afternoons. The upcoming limited schedule is listed below (however, there are times we have conflicting schedules and they need to be moved). Hope to see lots of you out there in the free tourneys. 12/4 Cribbage 12/18 Backgammon 1/8 Gin 1/22 Dominoes 2/5 Cribbage 2/19 Backgammon 3/5 Gin 3/19 Dominoes 4/2 Cribbage 4/16 Backgammon 5/7 Gin 5/21 Dominoes All tourneys are held at 1 pm est and all tourneys are free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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