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Leaving the table instead of finishing the game or resigning

Leaving the table instead of finishing the game or resigning
Posted by TroutWrangler (VIP) Jan 15 2023 12:00PM

Hi and Happy New Year to all- I'm amazed at the number of players who will leave the table when they get behind. They do this knowing that their opponent will have to wait around before taking a win. This has nothing to do with losing connection to the game, that happens to everybody occasionally. sometimes I feel like making a list of the people that do this in order to avoid playing them but this seems like a big step in the wrong direction. I'd appreciate hearing some other people's opinions on this.

Sore losers
Posted by grantwood (VIP) Jan 25 2023 11:25AM

Those players and also the ones who join your table for a split second with no intention of playing

Posted by Doctor_Proctor Jan 29 2023 10:00AM

Just had exactly the same argument this afternoon. It shouldnt be this way, but if they have done it to me I will do it to them. Its like the one game runners I do it back to them. Now an interesting thing happened this afternoon, a player resigned and I only had six in my hand. It would have left me about 12 short for game. But the other player would not have known what if anything decent was in Crib. The other annoying factor is you dont get full points for the win when a player resigns. The button needs deactivated as its totally unnecessary. Wouldnt bother making a list... there names change every week.

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