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R, X & N

R, X & N
Posted by 49_degrees_n (VIP) Jan 29 2023 10:05PM

What do those letters mean?

Great Question
Posted by Bones (TD) Jan 31 2023 10:50PM

-R means that the match is not Rated (neither player will gain or lose points at the end of the game) -X means that the player who has set the table must invite you to play (you cannot join without an invite from that player) -N means that the played cards are not shown on the screen after they are played. (The played cards disappear after playing them.) All of these are discussed in the game rules for cribbage as part of the settings for the game. Good luck Mate!

R, X & N
Posted by TroutWrangler (VIP) Mar 12 2023 7:48PM

Thank you, I actually got on to the forum just now to ask that same question. and here for two years I've been avoiding the X invites because I didn't know what they meant

-R Games
Posted by KyllerB (VIP) Mar 14 2023 12:05PM

Although this setting is designed to protect your ratings, it seems to also not add to a players total games played statistic, which it should IMO.

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