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Posted by MAB (moderator) Aug 3 2022 11:25AM

THE JULY WINNERS TOURNEY OF CHAMPS WILL BE A D/E 100 - LOSER DEALS FOR 10 TIX., AND IS SCHEDULED FOR THURSDAY, AUGUST 4TH AT 9 PM E.T The eligible players are listed below. In order to play in this tourney, where the CHAMPION will win an extra 20 tix from the Webmasters, you must have taken 1st place in a tournament during the month of JULY 2022 to play in this tourney. If you feel your name was left off the list, please contact us ASAP! A great computer with human input can sometimes make a mistake! tWENTY TWO eligible players this month, so please sign up early to lock in your spot! AND If you changed your name, it must be changed back to match your player name on this list below 22cookie Andrewj2015 B500B BellaLuna Bigsillygrin Cagney Darshayb94 DixieMay ellisks fluffinator hgears LIMITED_1 Papaw ronnie6969 ronthegman roookeee RumRummy runner15 scott2b spudmanmike Substrate txdynamite venator winners but not eliglble Dreal Pearle ChrisCrossed

TOC Player not listed
Posted by ronnie6969 (VIP) Aug 3 2022 8:02PM

I should be listed in the TOC for Gin Rummy.

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