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Welcome to our new Multiplayer Mahjong - Beta Release!

Welcome to our new Multiplayer Mahjong!
Posted by webmaster (moderator) Dec 30 2017 11:35AM

Mahjong is a popular tile-based game of skill, strategy and calculation that originated in China. Mahjong is similar to Gin Rummy where players collect sets (sets of tiles as opposed to cards) in the same suit or value. To declare Mahjong, you need four sets of three tiles and one pair. See <a target=_blank href=>Mahjong Variations</a>. If you choose to play with our mahjong bots for practice or fun, please see how our mahjong bots behave -- <a target=_blank href=>Mahjong Bots Algorithm</a>. <B> For this beta version, please use either <a target=_blank href=>Google Chrome</a> (recommended) or Edge web browsers. </B>

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