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Posted by Charmeuse (VIP) Jan 16 2018 3:43AM

Played a little bit more, noticed the following: 1. There's no mark on where the wind starts, which is really important because people need to gauge how close it is to the game ending and adjust strategies accordingly. 2. If someone tosses the winning tile rather than the winner self-picks, that person should either pay double or if rules dedicated in the beginning, pay out the whole amount of winning to the winner, I don't see that happening. No matter who tosses, every loser pays the same amount, which is incorrect in mahjong rules. 3. Just like tables for other games, there's no need to show the actual link for the page, and the chat section also takes up too much space. I'd rather see bigger screen for the actual table.

Thanks for checking!
Posted by webmaster (moderator) Jan 16 2018 12:29PM

Thanks for testing this mahjong Beta version. 1. There's currently a clickable menu item in top-right corner corresponding to current Wind e.g. 'E' - to be changed to the right Wind character like 東, that is showing where you are in the game. We will, however, add next to this menu item how many deals are left, e.g. "3 Deals left" or "3D" in the mobile version. 2. Thanks for reporting. This is true, In Hong Kong Mahjong, if you win on discard, a player who discarded the winning tile pays double. In Riichi Mahjong, a player who discarded the tile pays a full value and other two players pay nothing. In Red Mahjong, there are no negative scores so nobody pays anything. But we have just tested this on production server and we can't reproduce this Mahjong Beta bug. Which version of mahjong were you playing? Maybe you have a screenshot or game id? Please let us know via Contact Us and we'll add $Tickets to your account. 3. We are unsure what you mean by an "actual link to the page" - is it the top window title (which we are not allowed to discard but, eventually it will be marked as 'Secure...") or something within around the chat area?

Posted by Charmeuse (VIP) Jan 16 2018 5:30PM

As for how many deals are left in game, it can't be shown as you suggested because the wind will stay in the east seat if east wins, it will not move forward unless east loses, thus there's no way to predict the number deals left.

Ways to show the state of the game
Posted by webmaster (moderator) Jan 16 2018 10:51PM

Our original idea to show the state of the mahjong game was to display that 3 or more Deals are left (more in case deals are repeated) like: >=3D This was deemed way to 'mathy' and we are still thinking of stating the same as '3D left' meaning that 3 deals are left unless repeated. If you have other ideas how to show in brief the state of the game, let us know.

Posted by Charmeuse (VIP) Jan 17 2018 12:47AM

Have an underscore/mark on the seat where the first game of the east wind starts, then we know definitely how close the wind is going to finish as we are approaching the seat before/above it.

Several improvements were added to mahjong
Posted by webmaster (moderator) Feb 2 2018 11:41AM

We have added several improvements to mahjong. Among improvements: - the seat that started the round is marked with an anderscore - we have introduced 2D / 3D switch - we have introduced animated mahjong combination announcements. - mahjong tiles are now more responsive and their movement is smooth - added extra web browser support : Google Chrome, Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari

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