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What happened to sportsmanship?

What happened to sportsmanship?
Posted by stageinharmony (VIP) Nov 15 2015 10:20PM

I used to play here quite a lot. It always surprised me that not too many people play although it is such a fun game, and after an experience tonight, perhaps I am not surprised. I asked one of the higher ranked ladder players for a game, and he set a non ladder table. I asked politely for it to be set to ladder, and the response was 'no'. At 67 on the ladder I am hardly a threat. Not very sportsmanlike.

i know what you mean
Posted by BeeAtchRules (VIP) Nov 16 2015 3:48AM

stage, the ironic and laughable thing is that this player always stresses that he "plays for fun" - NOT!

Posted by LADY_AWE (VIP) Nov 23 2015 7:31PM

It's like this: You got to beg for a game from anyone in the top 10 or resort to placing a challenge. They are all so stressed on playing off all the challenges they create against themselves that they won't play anyone who isn't in the wait list. So a few play a few all the time. Any sense of having fun has long been diluted by some weird concept of competitive play. No one even seems to like each other. You can tell by all the bantering going on in the challenge notes. I played the first games this room ever offered and when I say "I miss the good ole days" I know what I am speaking about! We used to laugh, tease, cajole, spar and compete in this room and there wasn't an ounce of meanness attached. Good ole days where are you?

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